About us

Hi! I’m Ivel De Freitas. I’m a doctor, mom and wife.

Ever since High School I have been passionate about wellness, nutrition and exercise.

Three years ago inspired by facebook revolution and the current lifestyle diseases worlds epidemic, I decided to developed an inspirational tool that will connect mankind with similar health challenges and inspire them to restore their health by attacking the source of the problem, modern lifestyle.

I was really lucky to have my sister, Juali, who is a System engineer and my husband, Maximo, who is a cardiologist, enthusiastically jumping on board.

With a lot of support from my family and with a great team of developers, from NearSource, we have gotten the app (Phase I and POC) working and ready to rock.

We hope it will bring the support you and your love ones need to eat better, find inspiration to exercise and transform your life into a happier and healthier one.

“Join us in our mission to prove that is easy and fun to be happy and healthy”